March 18thBrass & Percussion Practice10:00-4:00
April 9thFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-4:00
George Ranch
April 29thFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-4:00
Location TBA
May 13thFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-4:00
May 20thColor guard Rehearsal10:00-3:00
George Ranch
May 27thFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-5:00
June 3rdFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-5:00
June 10thFull Corps Rehearsal10:00-5:00

2017 Performance Schedule
March 31st - April 2ndHONK Texas - Austin, TX
Brass & Percussion Only
TBACrossmen MMX
July 4thPerformance-Staford, TX
July 8thConcert - Houston, TX
July 20thDCI Dallas, TX
July 21stDCI Houston, TX
July 22ndDCI San Antonio, TX

*There may be additional performances added to schedule as they come up.

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